About Devika

Art for the community, fairs, open air markets and more..

In the recent years one of the things I have enjoyed doing most for the community is painting an art box in my home city of San Jose, in my very neighborhood!  You may have noticed the rather boring grey boxes at all major road intersections in your town. These contain equipment for the traffic signals.  An enterprising woman in my city took it upon herself to call on artists to beautify these boxes and in the process bring color and art to the community.  I applied as one of the artists and was accepted!  I thoroughly enjoyed the next few weeks driving to the art box every day, listening to music while painting and talking to appreciative neighbors who were ever so happy and thankful to me for sharing my work with them!

I usually work on building up depleted inventory in the first part of the year, after the holiday season.  New designs and product ideas get worked on in the middle months with a bit of travel and family time during the summer and the latter third of the year I'm in production mode for the the many holidays fairs and bazaars I do.  Being a one woman setup I try to be very organized with how I use my time.  Of course, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I don't:)

The faires, bazaars and holiday markets that I participate in during the Holidays season are an especially enjoyable time for me.  The pressures of keeping up inventory, driving to and setting up for shows, shipping out orders in a timely manner are all worth the joy and energy I get from interacting with my fellow vendors and amazing customers.  

Last but not least, none of many ventures would be remotely possible without the constant support of my family and my own personal cheerleading squad-my wonderful friends!  Thanks for ever!


What I do Throughout the Year